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Write a report for your school magazine about the advantages and disadvantages of playing video games. Group the positive and negative sentences using the points below to create a sensible structure. Write an introduction (you could find some statistics about video game use to use here), paragraphs giving the benefits and the drawbacks and finally a conclusion, where you sum up your points and give your own opinion.

Use these essay expressions to help structure your essay and signpost your argument.

Things to consider:

• Positive and negative effects on mental / emotional health
• Positive and negative effects on physical health
• Positive and negative effects on attitudes and behaviour
• Positive and negative effects on skills and learning

You should write about 200-250 words.

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    Most people who have come across computer games have a pastime either negatively or positively. Indifferent, in general, a little. And for many years now, disputes between opponents and supporters of computer games have not subsided, and the most diverse arguments are given. Sometimes you wonder what kind of logical chains are being built. And basically both sides rest on moments related to the psyche, society, and personal development. Let's try to figure out what psychologists think about video games.

    In the US, 99% of boys and 94% of girls regularly play video games. Of these, 97% spend at least an hour a day on this. Five years ago, the total revenue of the gaming industry exceeded $ 25 billion a year, and games themselves have long been an integral part of pop culture.

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