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1 Read the descriptions and complete the landscape
1 You can take a boat along this.___
2 You find this between mountains and hills.
3 People like walking through the trees in this f
4 You can climb this m_
5 You can see this when water drops a long way very
quickly. w
6 This is completely surrounded by weter i
2 Choose the correct options.
1 Animals die out when people destroyl disappear
their habitats.
2 Electric cars pollute / recycle the air less than petrol or
diesel cars
3 We should save / sort all our rubbish so it's easier
to recycle
4 Remember to always turn off the water tap so you don't
waste / save water.
5 We live near the airport and the aeroplanes make / do
such a lot of noise.
6 Global warming is causing the ice in the Arctic to
3 Complete the sentences with be going to and the
verbs in the box.
5 Choose the correct answer, AB or C
1 One of the causes of global warming is
A planong trees
B cutting down trees
C saving trees
2 Tigers are in danger as a result of
A egal Ashing
Bar pollution
C legal hunting
3 i think we too many things Dont you agree?
A throw away
B recyde
C consume
4 The old power plant the air
A soros
B wastes
C pollutes
5 Governments should do more to
A destroy the habitat
B protect the environment
c climate change
6 Choose the option, A, B or C, which has a similiar
meaning to the underlined words or phrases.
1 We are planning to see the Coral Triangle this winter
A are going to see
not work plant take throw visit
1 We
a break in the Scottish Highlands
this year.
my dog now and then I can go out
3 Our class Dartmoor National Park in May.
4 My dad
an apple tree in our garden.
5 Lily
on a farm this summer.
away this plastic bag? We can
use it again.
4 Complete the sentences with will and the verbs
in brackets.
1 The weather forecast says (it/snow) tomorrow.
2 (people/live) on other planets in the future?
(we/not/get) back home before 8 p.m.
4 I don't think (there/be) any rain this week.
-you/not/can) see the lions at this time of day.
(mountain gorillas/disappear) from the
Congo rainforest because of the search for oil?
B will see
Chave seen
2 You have a point but my opinion's different
Al agree with you
B I see what you mean
CI'm not sure
3 We saw some very rare butterflies.
A lovely
B famous
C unusual
4 It's a good idea to buy and consume less
A We can
B We should
C We'll be able to
5 I don't think we can save all the animals, but perhaps we
can save some of them.
A We won't be able to
B We shouldn't
C We mustn't поможіть​

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