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3. Read and complete the story with the verbs in the forms of Present Simple, Past Simple or Present Perfect.
A Lot of Work
I live and ___________ (work) in London. At the weekends I usually ____________ (go) to the countryside to see my grandma. I never go there by car. I need to relax, so I take a bus. Last weekend I _______(go) to the country, too. In the bus I _______ (see) an old friend of mine. She _________ (look) very tired. I asked her, “Why are you so tired? Did you have a lot of work today?”. She answered, “ Oh yes, I did. I ______ never ______ (have) so much work. My boss _______(get) absolutely crazy.
He ______ never ______ (give) so many errands to me before!” I ______(feel) really sorry for her and __________(invite) to a café for a cup of coffee. She _____(be) happy to join me.

4. Complete the sentences with will or to be going to. Грамматический материал в учебнике – стр. 20.
1) Mark ________________ play football at 12 o’clock on Saturday.
2) Rachel _______________ meet the editor.
3) We ____________ go to the restaurant in the evening. We have already reserved the table.
4) I _____________ visit my friends.
5) She ________ work as a politician when she graduates from university.

5. What was happening when Caroline came home? (Past Continuous Tense) см правило→

Example: When Caroline came home her cat __was drinking_(drink) milk.

1. When Caroline came home her father _________________ (read) a newspaper.
2. When Caroline came home her mother ________________ (work) with documents.
3. When Caroline came home her granny _________________(read) a book.
4. When Caroline came home her brothers _________________ (play) computer games.
5. When Caroline came home her grandfather _______________ (watch) TV.
6. When Caroline came home her dog __________________ (sleep)
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    3) work, go, went, have seen, looked, have...had, got, have...gave, felt, invited, was

    4) going to going to

    3.are going to



    5)1.was reading

    2.was working

    3.was reading

    4.were playing

    5.was watching

    6.was sleeping

    Не уверенна, но надеюсь помогла)


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