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Соглашайтесь или не соглашайтесь с утверждением: "хобби позволяет вам превратить свободное время в веселое время,
Уменьшите стресс и живите дольше!"(10-15 предложений) 100 БАЛЛОВ

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    Hobby is an activity that you enjoy doing in your free time. It isn’t connected to your job, but you engage in it regularly, because you like it a lot. Often, it brings you not only pleasure during the process, but also satisfaction with the results. You develop your skills and learn new things.

    Hobbies may be creative, like singing, playing some musical instrument, drawing or handicraft. Many hobbies are related to amateur sports, like skating, skiing, yoga, pilates, dancing, aerobics, swimming. Some hobbies are quite useful domestic activities, like cooking, sewing or knitting.

    I think that everybody needs a hobby. It is more interesting than spending all your free time in front of the computer or the TV. Movies and video games may be captivating, but hobbies make our everyday life more bright and diverse. Moreover, most of them develop our skills and broaden our minds. They say that switching to another activity is the most effective way to rest. Hobbies are just perfect for that.

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