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Контрольная работа по теме «Согласование времен и Прямая и косвенная речь» Употребите в косвенной речи, делая необходимые преобразования:

Утвердительные предложения

1. Tom said, “Your wife is very beautiful, David.”
2. Mother said, “Nick is cleaning his room now, boys.”
3. He informed, “Mary, I have an appointment with my dentist today.”
4. The boy said, “I saw a very good film in the cinema yesterday.”
5. Mother said, “Bill could play the guitar ten years ago.”
6. He said, “I will do everything I can to help the grandparents.”
7. She said, “My mother is cooking dinner and the children are playing in the garden now.”
8. The students said, “We were studying all day long yesterday.”
9. She said, “I have met the Browns 3 years ago.”
10. The teacher said, “You don't know what you are talking about, Ben.”

Вопросительные предложения: общие вопросы в косвенной речи

1. She asked, “Is John in the country-side this week, Alice?”
2. He asked, “Robin, are your friends at the party tonight?”
3. She asked, “Tom, did you go to the Black Sea seaside last year?”
4. The girl asked, “Were you busy last week, Sheila?”
5. She asked, “Will you go to the South next summer, Ann?”
6. He asked, “Is Mother cooking lunch now?”
7. The teacher asked, “Were you working hard last term, David?”
8. Mother asked, “Have you cooked anything for dinner, Grace?”
9. She asked, “Ben, do you go to the Black Sea seaside every year?”
10. He asked, “Will your mother be worrying if you stay a bit longer, Alice?”

Вопросительные предложения: специальные вопросы в косвенной речи

1. Mother asked, “Why are you so sad today, John?”
2. Sharon asked, “Mary, where is your husband tonight?”
3. She asked, “What are you doing now, boys?”
4. Mary asked, “Who shouted so loudly here a few minutes ago?”
5. The man asked, “How much did you pay for your car last year, Ann?”
6. The teacher asked, “What book will you read next term, boys?”
7. Mary asked, “How long will you be cleaning the flat today, Ann?”
8. Dan asked, “Where were you staying in London?”
9. He asked, “What will happen if you refuse to do that?”
10. The teacher asked, “What exercises have you done in writing, students?”

Повелительные предложения

1. She said, “Bill, don't smoke here.”
2. The woman said, “Don't use bad words here, boys.”
3. The teacher said, “Speak louder, Kate.”
4. Frank said, “Don't make so much noise, girls.”
5. Mother said, “Don't eat so much ice-cream, Tom.”

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Помогите решить тест по русскому языку тест по русскому языку «местоимение. разряды местоимений» для 6 класса 1. укажите личное местоимение: 1) некто 2) вас 3) ни с кем 4) собой 2. укажите относительное местоимение: 1) кто-либо 2) некоторый 3) кто 4) нам 3. укажите вопросительное местоимение: 1) кем-нибудь 2) кем 3) себе 4) никакой 4. укажите определительное местоимение: 1) наш 2) который 3) некий 4) каждый 5. укажите возвратное местоимение: 1) свой 2) чей 3) сам 4) себя 6. найдите указательное местоимение: 1) твой 2) какой 3) тот 4) их 7. найдите притяжательное местоимение: 1) самый 2) моего 3) иной 4) ничей 8. укажите неопределённое местоимение: 1) весь 2) какой-нибудь 3) любой 4) этот 9. укажите вопросительное местоимение: 1) сколько 2) кое-что 3) она 4) нами 10. в каком варианте ответа выделенное слово является притяжательным местоимением? 1) увидел их 2) её нет дома 3) её тетрадь 4) их не спросили